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How To Psyche To The Hazard Podcast |

How To Psyche To The Hazard Podcast

As our fledgling podcast starts to instruct off the ground, I’ve had a pair of emails from readers bespeak how to psyche to the show. When nosotros did our airplane pilot episode a few weeks back, nosotros used a unlike podcast hosting platform to instruct the exhibit out there. We’ve since switched to a unlike platform that we’ll purpose moving forward, which way the links I originally shared may non move working for you. So, here’s how you lot tin psyche to The Adventure Podcast:

  • If you lot simply desire to psyche on your estimator in addition to thence click here to instruct a spider web version of the show, consummate amongst an good player, episode description, in addition to thence on. It industrial plant great, it simply isn’t quite thence portable. 
  • iOS users (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) tin subscribe to the exhibit inward iTunes past times searching for “The Adventure Podcast,” but it tin nonetheless move difficult to find. Here’s a straightaway link
  • Android users tin discovery us inward the Google Play Store past times in ane lawsuit to a greater extent than searching for the championship of the show. But, to relieve time, here’s another straightaway link
  • If you lot purpose Stitcher to psyche to your podcasts on whatever platform, we’re equally good available there. If search doesn’t work, here’s the straightaway link for Stitcher users.
We simply posted Episode 1 a few days dorsum in addition to volition at nowadays move on a interruption through the holidays, but novel shows volition move coming inward the commencement business office of January. We equally good bring plans to create daily shows from Outdoor Retailer equally well, amongst our thoughts on the latest in addition to greatest gear. 
My cohost Dave Adlard in addition to I are having a lot of fun amongst the exhibit thence far, in addition to nosotros promise you’ll hand us a shot equally nosotros proceed making weekly episodes inward 2018. Until then, bask the residue of the twelvemonth in addition to Happy Holidays!


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