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Himalaya Autumn 2017: No Give-And-Take From Lhotse, Heavy Snowfall On Manaslu |

Himalaya Autumn 2017: No Give-And-Take From Lhotse, Heavy Snowfall On Manaslu

It has been a few days since I posted whatever updates from the Himalaya. There are however several teams inwards the large mountains, although at that topographic point numbers bespeak hold definitely dwindled at this dot of the season. Still, we’re keeping a closed oculus on several expeditions in addition to anxiously awaiting discussion on their status. Here’s where things stand upward at the moment.

Over on Lhotse, South Korean climber Sung-Taek Hong in addition to his Castilian partner Jorge Egocheaga were hoping to launch their summit bid lastly week. The excogitation was to become upward the rattling tough South Face inwards the lastly days of October, amongst the hopes of topping out inwards early on November. We’re right away a calendar week yesteryear that dot in addition to at that topographic point has been no discussion on where they are at on the mountain. The squad did signal that they had a satellite phone, but they would alone purpose it when at that topographic point was an update to share. Without speculating likewise much, it is hard to predict where they powerfulness be, but hopefully Hong in addition to Egocheaga are precisely waiting for the correct atmospheric condition window in addition to we’ll larn an update on their progress soon.

It is a similar province of affairs on Annapurna, where Slovene climbers Luka Stražar in addition to Nejc Marčič had launched an alpine fashion ascension along the West Face route. The pair bespeak hold non posted whatever updates inwards awhile either, in addition to it is unknown where they are at the moment. In their lastly update they indicated that they had reached 6000 meters (19,685 ft), but that was several weeks back. Where they are now, remains a mystery.

On Manaslu, Hans Kammerlander is posting updates from Base Camp, but the province of affairs isn’t great. The atmospheric condition conditions bespeak hold been extremely challenging of late, keeping the squad from fifty-fifty climbing upward to flora Camp 1. High winds in addition to heavy snowfall caused whiteout conditions, forcing them dorsum downward the mountain. Worse yet, Hans said that inwards a higher house the slopes, everything is covered inwards snowfall in addition to that the searac zones hold off impassable in addition to dangerous. As of this writing, the squad has non pulled the plug on the expedition, but it isn’t looking altogether promising.

Elsewhere, teams are completing start ascents on around of Nepal’s lesser known peaks. Adventure sports bloggers Stefan Nestler has all the details on a the start ascension of Phungi, a 6538-meter (21,450 ft) peak located W of Manaslu. The Russian pair of Yury Koshelenko in addition to Aleksei Lonchinskii finished the climb dorsum on Oct 28, spending 3 days going upward the Southeast Face in addition to 2 to a greater extent than descending a dissimilar route.

Similarly, Italian Simon Gietl in addition to Austrian Vittorio Messini bespeak hold completed a novel route inwards the Indian Himalaya, going upward the 6543 meter (21,466 ft) Shivling dorsum inwards early on October. The road was a mix of snowfall in addition to ice, in addition to diverted slight from the green path taken to the summit of this imposing peak. The topped out on Oct 11, naming the novel 1500 meter (4921 ft) road Shiva’s Ice.

Finally, Altitude Junkies are currently leading a squad upward Cholatse, a hard mount that tin examination a climber’s clit in addition to endurance.

That’s all for now. I’ll post service to a greater extent than updates when at that topographic point is intelligence to share.


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