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Cairn Is The Subscription Box Service For The Outdoor Adventurer |

Cairn Is The Subscription Box Service For The Outdoor Adventurer

Now that Nov is here, about of you lot accept no dubiousness already started to mean value close your vacation shopping lists. If you lot count an outdoor adventurer with your loved ones, you lot accept in all likelihood wracked your encephalon principal times trying to figure out what precisely they want. This year, why non arrive easier on yourself too purchase them a subscription to Cairn, a gift that keeps on giving all twelvemonth long.

Cairn is a monthly (or quarterly) subscription service that ships a box filled with gear, snacks, apparel, straight to the subscriber’s door. Those boxes incorporate all kinds of dissimilar items, including gear, snacks, clothing, too other items that come upwards inwards handy inwards our favorite outdoor pursuits.

The monthly subscription box costs $29.95, only comes with items valued at to a greater extent than than $50, spell the quarterly box volition laid you lot dorsum $249.95, only is guaranteed to accept products that are worth to a greater extent than than $300 . Some of the things that accept appeared inwards the box include go bags from Eagle Creek, jackets from Marmot, Clif bars, too dozens of other items from good known outdoor brands.

Recently, I received a box from Cairn that included about fun products. For instance, my sample bundle came with a hammock from Serac too included the TreeHugger straps to connect it to trees. I every bit good received a about insect repellant wipes from Natrapel, too a novel poly peptide bar from Clif. Everything came neatly packed too organized inwards a Cairn box, with a nicely designed newsletter to portion information close all of the products. Judging from what I received, I’d country everything was worth close $80 or so, making it a existent bargain.

Part of the fun the Cairn subscription is that you lot never know what you’re doing to larn each month. You know that it is designed for purpose inwards the outdoors, too chances are it volition live on something you lot tin post away pose to expert use, only their is existent joy inwards opening upwards to let out what is inside. That joy is something that tin post away live on spread out all twelvemonth round, making it a swell gift for the upcoming holidays. And, if you lot purchase a vi or 12 calendar month subscription, you’ll have a discount every bit well.

Find out to a greater extent than at gocairn.com.


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