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Antarctica 2017: Ii To A Greater Extent Than Teams Hitting The H2o Ice Equally Ben Saunders Prepares To Begin |

Antarctica 2017: Ii To A Greater Extent Than Teams Hitting The H2o Ice Equally Ben Saunders Prepares To Begin

The get-go flying of the Antarctic expedition flavor delivered 3 teams to the Union Glacier military camp over the weekend, together with presently all of them volition laid out their march across the ice. Things are nonetheless ramping upwardly at ALE’s base of operations of operations on the frozen continent equally supplies together with back upwardly staff are delivered to the camp. But for the teams who are at 1 time inwards place, at that topographic point is niggling fourth dimension to waste matter earlier setting off.

British polar explorer Ben Saunders is getting cook for his massive undertaking. He is inwards Union Glacier waiting for a flying out to Berkner Island, where he’ll laid out his possess to ski solo, unassisted, together with unsupported across to a greater extent than than one 1000 miles (1609 km) of Antarctica. Saunders road volition accept him to the Ross Ice Shelf via the South Pole, next roughly the same path equally Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated expedition to a greater extent than than a century ago. It is also the same road that Henry Worsely was attempting during the 2015-2016 flavor when he took sick together with lost his life.

Ben has reported inwards from Union Glacier, where he says the temperature at nighttime is a balmy -7ºF/-22ºC, just things stay real civilized amongst warm tents, skilful food, together with pleasant company. Soon, he’ll exit all of that behind together with volition pass upwards of 2 months on his ain out on the ice. Saunders expects to genuinely hold upwardly underway inwards the side past times side twenty-four hr menses or two.

Meanwhile, at that topographic point are 2 other teams who are also at Union Glacer together with getting cook to start equally well. The Ice Maidens are a grouping of vi women who volition also possess a traverse of the Antarctic continent, becoming the get-go all-female squad to achieve that task. Each of the ladies is a one-time fellow member of the British military, together with are looking to comprehend 1700 km (1056 miles) starting at Union Glacier together with ending on the Leverett Glacier, amongst a halt at the South Pole along the way. The teamwill larn unsupported, just volition have 2 provide drops piece en route.

Finally, Norwegian adventurers Astrid Furholt together with January Sverre Sivertsen are also at Union Glacier waiting to laid out their expedition equally well. The brace play to follow the same road that Roald Amundsen took on his means to the South Pole dorsum inwards 1911, together with volition comprehend closed to 1500 km (932 miles), starting on the Ross Ice Shelf at Ross Island. The’ll cross the Axel Heiberg Glacier on their means to the South Pole, thence plow about together with render to Cape Evans. The entire trip is expected to accept well-nigh lxxx days.

Right at 1 time the weather condition is a combat stone oil inwards sure as shooting parts of the Antarctic, thence when just these teams volition hold upwardly dropped off remains unclear. Saunders expects to start today or tomorrow, piece the Ice Maidens may larn a driblet off inwards that same fourth dimension frame. Meanwhile, the Norwegians may possess got to sit down tight to hold off out a storm. Either way, nosotros should hold upwardly getting regular updates from the H2O ice inside the side past times side few days.


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